For Lecturers-Researchers of the University

The main mission of the Library is to meet the educational and research needs of the academic community of the University of Ioannina.

In order to achieve this mission, the Library:
a) Collaborates with the University’s Lecturers in the selection of books for inclusion in its collections. The Library accepts requests for the supply of books or other material necessary for the teaching and research you carry out.
Link-Book purchase request
b) In order to ensure two-way communication between the members of the Teaching – Research Staff and the Library, by decision of the Senate, the Library Senate Committee (SEV) operates consisting of representatives from each Department of the University, representatives of students and employees of the Library, etc.
c) The members of the Teaching and Research Staff of the University may borrow material of the Library, as follows:

Number of books

Borrowing duration

Renewal of borrowing


365 days

365 days

d) In case the books you need are not available in the Library, you can use the Interlibrary Loan service to borrow them from another Library in Greece.
For the method and cost of the Interlibrary Loan Service, please refer to Link-Interlibrary Loan Rules
e) The Library has the ability to reserve books proposed as course bibliography by completing and sending the form.
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