Ephorate of Library

By decision of the Rector’s Council (Meeting No. 1528/15-01-2019) the Ephorate of the Central Library was established. The Ephorate decides on specific issues that need to be dealt with quickly and assists the Library Management in day-to-day operational decisions, with a view to the most effective execution of work and the resolution of any administrative issues that require the opinion of the academic community. The Ephorate of the Library consists of:
1 Petsios Konstantinos Professor President Philosophy 0 5659 kpetsios@uoi.gr
2 Stavrakos Christos Professor Member History and Archaeology 0 5148 chstavra@uoi.gr
3 Politou Anastasia If. Professor Member Medicine 0 7714 apolitou@uoi.gr
4 Chorikis Theodoros If. Professor Member Mathematics 0 8268 horikis@uoi.gr
5 Kokkonis Georgios If. Professor Member Music Studies 26810 50453 kokkonis@uoi.gr
6 Zachos Georgios Library Director Member Central Library 0 5010 gzachos@uoi.gr
7 Theodorika Christina Bible Clerk Member Bible Appendices 26810 50459 ctheodor@uoi.gr