Use of library equipment

Internet access

The computer systems and electronic services offered by the Library and Information Center of the University of Ioannina are used in such a way as to support the mission of the University and to be consistent with its academic character.

On the ground floor of the Library there are computers whose use is limited to searching the electronic catalogue of the Library and are called OPAC locations, computers used for internet search, as well as computers in which users can use software packages. On the other floors there are at least two computers per floor, which are available only for search in the electronic catalogue of the Library.

On all floors there are Internet sockets for personal computers and wireless internet access infrastructure.

Users of the public equipment of V.K.P.-P.I. members of the academic community of the University of Ioannina are given priority.

The use of the public electronic equipment of V.K.P.-P.I. It is done in compliance with a code of conduct, which ensures its best possible utilization and determines the framework within which both the staff of the V.K.P.-P.I. must move. as much as users.

Code of conduct for the use of computer systems and electronic services:

Computer systems and related electronic services are provided by LIC-PI. to support teaching and research, and more generally the University’s obligation to provide services to society as a public educational organization, as well as its administrative functions.

The unauthorized use of computer systems and electronic services, as well as the administrative functions of the Library, for personal gain beyond the promotion of the academic mission of the University is prohibited.

Users of LIC-PI computers must obtain information and data only in a lawful and approved manner, using software that is in full accordance with its license and the legal framework for the protection of intellectual property in force in Greece.

Respect for intellectual creation is important for academic production and activity. B.K.P.-P.I. It applies copyright law to the works of all authors and publishers regardless of the form in which they are published.

Due to the volatility and ease of reproduction of electronic information, respect for one’s work and personal expression is particularly important in places where computers are used. Violations of authorial integrity, such as plagiarism, violation of business secrets, unauthorized use, and violation
copyright, may be grounds for sanctioning members of the academic community.

Computer users should respect the personal files and data of other users, avoiding reviewing, transmitting or modifying them without their consent.

Also, the employees of V.K.P.-P.I. must not search, examine, use, modify or disclose publicly, without authorization, personal or confidential information contained on a computer which they do not use for the purposes of the service they offer to the LIC-PI. in the context of their employment there.

Users using the e-mail service must not declare a false identity. Also, messages should not be sent anonymously in order to deceive recipients. It is strictly forbidden to send e-mails to persons who have not requested their subscription to these e-mail lists.

The computer services of V.K.P.-P.I. must not be used for purposes that may cause, directly or indirectly, excessive load on computer installations or undue and arbitrary interference with the use of computer systems and services by other users.

The computer systems of B.K.P.-P.I. They must not be used in a way that offends morals or harasses, or in any other inappropriate way.
The use of electronic equipment and services of V.K.P.-P.I. It must under no circumstances be done in a way that discriminates between users. This term expressly prohibits any conduct intended to intimidate or insult a person because of a person’s gender, race, color, religion, ethnicity, age or sexual orientation.

Computer activity can be monitored via a screen by authorized persons in order to maintain security and better system performance. In cases where a person is suspected of misuse of computers, it is possible to examine the contents of users’ files by a person authorized by the Director of the Library.

Violations of the Library’s regulation regarding the use of computer systems and electronic services may lead to restriction or prohibition of their use by the offenders. In addition, sanctions may be imposed, based on the rules of procedure of the B.K.P.-P.I., the applicable provisions and collective bargaining for each violation, which may include the permanent exclusion of violators from the use of the B.K.P.-P.I.

At the discretion of the administrator of computer systems, the right to use computers may be temporarily or permanently withdrawn depending on the violation of the code. The withdrawal of the right of use will take place 24 hours after the notification of each user.

Reproduction of material

  • Photocopiers
    The Library and Information Center of the University of Ioannina has 4 photocopiers on the Ground Floor A’  to the right of the Service Desk. Photocopiers operate with a card receiver. The user can obtain cards from the Service Desk on the ground floor of the Library. For any problems, please contact the Service Desk Staff.  The price of the card is 5€ for 100 photocopies.
  • Scan2 Mail (machines for scanning and sending texts via
    The multifunction machines (photocopiers-network printers-scanners) installed in the Central Library provide the user with the ability to scan printed material (e.g. pages of books/magazines) and send it via e-mail to the address he specifies.