17th Panhellenic Conference of Academic Libraries

At the 17th Panhellenic Conference of Academic Libraries the following topics were presented:

  • The investigation and promotion of the contemporary role of Academic Libraries as Central Infrastructures supporting Research and Education in Higher Education Institutions.
  • The correlation of the performance of Academic Libraries with those of their reference institutions.
  • Studies, Research and Theoretical Approaches to the Evaluation of Academic Libraries: User Satisfaction Surveys, Quantitative and Qualitative Methodologies for assessing the adequacy of Collections, Infrastructure, Electronic Services, etc.
  • Academic Library Evaluation Indicators.
  • Quality in the operation and services offered by the Library
  • Evaluation standards: ISO, C.A.F., Benchmarking, LIBQUAL+ etc. and how they are applied in Libraries
  • The evaluation of the electronic services of the Library and their relationship with new models of education and research.