The Collection

The development of the collection of the Library of the University of Ioannina focuses on the bibliographic coverage and the scientific information needs of the Academic Community of the University of Ioannina:

The Library does not aspire to build generalized, extensive collections of material in each subject area, although it also has selected material for general cultural purposes or material purchased from current competitions.

As a matter of priority, the Library aims to provide, through its own resources, bibliography and sources of information to support the studies and careers of undergraduate and postgraduate students. In addition, the Library aims to offer bibliography and information in order to support the research activity of the University.

The Library takes care of the bibliography and information needs of all students, including other interested readers and users.

To achieve these goals, the Library actively seeks and encourages the full participation of all members of the University, and especially academic and research staff, in the selection of library materials for future addition to its Collections.

The Library staff, in consultation with the Department of Administration and Financial Management, ensures that the distribution of library material will be in accordance with the principles set out above, that these principles will be applied consistently and that, within the limited resources, the potential consequences of the introduction of new curricula and new teaching methods at the University of Ioannina will be taken into account.

Acquisition of new hardware

The primary criteria for choosing any source of information are the value and importance of the content. The acquisition of information resources may include:

  • Purchase of physical documents, of various forms, to be used in the Library
  • Buy access to online resources
  • Donations

The Library places orders, usually electronically, with its suppliers, in order to obtain material as quickly and efficiently as possible.

A list of new material added to the Library’s stocks can be found on the Library’s news page.

Layout / Material Format

The material acquired from the Library is provided in a variety of forms. The choice of format is carried out taking into account the following:

  • User demand
  • Availability & Cost
  • Availability of the necessary technology, equipment and facilities
  • Accessibility
  • Licensing agreements
  • Cost-effectiveness


Greek is the language recommended when acquiring material for students. At the same time, works published in other languages are acquired, if they are relevant to specific programs of study or if they are required for the completion of research and there is no suitable publication in Greek.

Online resources

The Library provides access to electronic resources based on the criteria mentioned in this document. While the Library aims to maintain a reasonable balance between printed and electronic materials, it actively pursues the purchase of electronic resources as opposed to printing material as long as it is economically viable. In general, the Library favours access to new works, preferably via the World Wide Web as opposed to other electronic formats, such as CD-ROMs.

The Library allocates part of its budget to the funding of electronic journals. However, the largest number of electronic journals and databases is acquired through its participation in the Academic Libraries Consortium of the Academic Libraries Link (HEAL-Link)


The Library and Information Center of the University of Ioannina accepts donations of books and information material that enhance the subjects of its collections and support educational and research programs of the University.

The examination of donations and the proposal for their acceptance is made by special librarians in accordance with the collection development policy of the LIC-PI. In case of non-acceptance of a donation, B.K.P.-P.I. can suggest – where possible – other libraries in which the content of the donation will be useful.

After accepting a donation, it becomes the property of V.K.P.-P.I. and only the Library can make decisions about its preservation, classification, library processing, and how to use and make it available to readers.

The material donated to the B.K.P.-P.I. It is necessarily accompanied by a donation agreement provided that it is put into common use in its entirety like the rest of the Library’s material.

If the donor requests the return of material for which there is a legal donation agreement, the B.K.P.-P.I. will consult the Foundation’s Legal Service before taking any decision. The D.L.I.S. does not return any item for which there is a donation agreement, unless a legal obligation arises.

The donor may request the return of previously accepted material without a donation agreement.

If, upon receipt of the donation, it is found that part of it already exists in the B.K.P.-P.I., this material may be withdrawn, offered to another Library, or returned to the donor or his family.

Material that can be withdrawn is:

Diaries, invitations, memorandums, congratulatory cards, condolences and greetings, applications, reference files, personal applications, correspondence, travel expenses or payment documents, research project proposals, offprints, etc.

A withdrawal form must be completed for each item withdrawn from a collection.

B.K.P.-P.I. reserves the right to include, without limitation, material obtained from donations in exhibitions organized on campus or outside the campus.

B.K.P.-P.I. reserves the right to make changes to the policy of organizing donations, always aiming at the protection of its collections and the service of its users. Although every effort will be made to comply with the content of the agreement made between LIC-PI. and the donor when acquiring the donation, the Library does not undertake the responsibility to notify the donor of any revision of its policy.

B.K.P.-P.I. follows specific practices and defined procedures in exceptional cases that may jeopardize the collection Therefore, the B.K.P.-P.I. may make copies of some items in case of destruction of the original material. These copies shall be stored in another place to safeguard the copyright of the original.

B.K.P.-P.I. takes the necessary precautions to protect the Collections from:

A. Theft

Special security methods are applied to protect collections containing sensitive material or valuable donations.

Accurate lists of all material are maintained to prove ownership in case of theft.

B. Fire

Although the probability of fire is small, the staff of V.K.P.-P.I. Take precautions for valuable or sensitive items so that there is no chance of their destruction by fire or smoke.

C. Parasites

The material accepted by the B.K.P.-P.I. it should be cleaned -if possible- or disinfected -if necessary- before being placed in the Library building

Periodic spraying of the building is carried out for disinfestation, in order to preserve the material.

Lost material

Lost material is replaced in accordance with the general redemption policy described above. Replaced items are funded by the Library, unless recent editions are available.

Material Development Policy

To ensure that collections provide the best possible support for current research and curricula, the Library undertakes a programme to review its Collections.

Lists of recorded possible withdrawals of material are created based on criteria such as use, age and date of purchase. The candidate material for withdrawal is then recorded, by electronic means, for review by the members of the University. The books are returned to the shelves in case the Academic Staff decides not to reject the candidate material.

Cancellation of journal subscription takes place only after consultation with the Academic Staff of the University.