The Library, as an essential unit in achieving the mission of the University of Ioannina, provides access to knowledge and information to support teaching, research and contribution to society.

With the cooperation of the Library staff and the students of the University of Ioannina, we developed a set of values that define the work of our Library. These values will guide the evaluation of our current and future services.

We have created an environment in the Library that is safe, welcoming and offers a variety of comfortable spaces that will inspire learning, research and creativity.

We have staff who are approachable, helpful, experienced, courteous and proud to work for the University Library.

We acquire Sources of Information that are easily accessible, relevant, reliable and of high quality.

The Library aims at the following:

Development and maintenance of collections of books, scientific journals and audiovisual material of all forms to meet the educational and research needs of the Academy Community (Teaching and Research Staff Members, Postdoctoral Researchers, PhD Candidates, Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students, Staff) and the local community.

Development and maintenance of book collections for lending

Development and maintenance of specialized collections of books and other information material.

Development and preservation of collections of material with archival or historical value that come into the possession of the University of Ioannina through donations or purchases.

Development of digital libraries and availability of material in electronic form.

Development of the Institutional Repository of the University of Ioannina

Implementation of Information Literacy actions

Provision of services for the use of the Library to faculty members, researchers and students.

Organization and provision of adequate reading rooms for researchers and students of the University of Ioannina.

Ensuring remote access to information sources and libraries in Greece and abroad using information networks, library networks, etc. a.