Tour/Reading Room

Reading Positions

The Library and Information Center of the University of Ioannina has 600 reading places scattered on all floors of the Library. Specifically:

GROUND FLOOR A 152 Student Collection,Doctoral Dissertations,Journal Showrooms
FLOOR 1.A 134 Book collection
FLOOR 2.A 31 Collection of periodicals
FLOOR 3rd 132 Book collection
FLOOR 4th 33 Magazine collection
FLOOR 5th 11 Special collections
FLOOR 6th 11 Special collections

It is possible for the reading seats on each floor to be configured according to the needs of the readers or as deemed necessary by the Library staff.
In the bookstacks there is detailed marking of the material by thematic unit, so that the reader has quick and direct access to the material, on the one hand to the book collections and on the other hand to the magazine collections.

Computers – Internet Access

On the ground floor of the Library there are computers for users with access to the electronic catalogue of the Library and the Internet. On the other floors there are at least two computers per floor, which are available only for search in the electronic catalogue of the Library.

Library Auditorium

The Library has a modern Amphitheater with 160 seats, for educational and cultural activities by the Library and other University bodies and Student Groups. The use of the Amphitheater requires the submission of a relevant request.

Closed Reading Rooms

The Library and Information Center of the University of Ioannina has a number of enclosed reading areas, thus enabling users who have a special need to make use of the Library’s material and its electronic equipment to conduct their research and study in more private and quiet spaces. Group collaboration can also take place in some of these spaces.

Private reading areas are divided into two categories depending on the time of their use. There are spaces available for a few days and others used daily. The allocation of daily private spaces is made according to the date of application, while for spaces that are granted for a longer period, the status of the person who makes the application for use of the space is also taken into account. Priority for the use of spaces is therefore given in the following descending order:

  1. Honorary and emeritus professors of the University of Ioannina.
  2. Visiting Professors and Researchers collaborating with the University.
  3. PhD candidates writing their doctoral dissertation.
  4. Postgraduate students writing their master’s thesis.
  5. PhD candidates for whom a 3-member Committee has been appointed and Postgraduate Students, legally enrolled in a postgraduate program of the University.

Those interested in using a private reading room must fill in a relevant application from the LIC. The evaluation of the requests and the approval for the spaces provided are done by the Director of the Library. For this case, in addition to the application, a certificate from the Department with which the person making the application cooperates is necessary. After approving a private reading use request, the interested party must sign a private reading use agreement.

The keys for the use of the private reading areas are made available by the Service and Collections Department (Service Counter).