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1.1. General provisions

According to para. 1 of Article 124 of the Law. 4957/2022 at the University of Ioannina operates a single central Library as an independent and decentralized unit equivalent to a Directorate entitled “University of Ioannina Library and Information Centre” (UOIL) and with the English name “University of Ioannina Library and Information Centre” (UOIL).
The unified central Library is located at the headquarters of the University of Ioannina (par. 2 of article 124 of Law 4957/2022) and operates three (3) Libraries Branches in Ioannina, Arta and Preveza, which administratively belong to the B.C.P.-P.I.
The supervision and jurisdiction of B.C.P.-P.I. It includes all the biblical-informative material, the electronic equipment and the means of supporting the work of the Libraries, acquired by the University of Ioannina or donated to it.
No member of the Foundation, regardless of the position he holds, may assert, directly or indirectly, acquisition rights in material and media belonging to the C.C.P.-P.I.

1.2. Mission and Operational Objectives

The mission and objectives of B.C.P.-P.I. It is:
a) the organization, development and maintenance of collections of books, scientific journals, digital and audiovisual material of all kinds, specialized collections of books and other information material, collections of books for lending, electronic sources/information resources to support the educational and research needs of the academic community of the University of Ioannina, which consists of: Members of Teaching and Research Staff, Postdoctoral Researchers, PhD Candidates, Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students, Administrative Employees of the University of Ioannina, as well as researchers outside it.
b) the organization, development and preservation of collections of material of archival or historical value that comes into the possession of the University of Ioannina through donations or purchases
c) the implementation and provision of policies that support and promote the work of the educational community and the operation of the Foundation;
d) the provision of library services of any kind (lending, interlibrary loan, use of infrastructure and equipment, etc.)
e) the organization and operation of adequate reading rooms for researchers and students of the University of Ioannina
f) the provision of information equipment and infrastructure for access to information networks, and ensuring access to information sources and catalogues of Libraries in Greece and abroad by using information networks, library networks, etc.
g) the development of digital libraries and operation of the Institutional Repository of the University of Ioannina
h) the improvement of the institutional literacy of its users
i) supervising its operation and forwarding evaluation reports to the Governing Bodies and the academic community
j) the strengthening of the knowledge and skills of the Staff and their cooperation with other administrative units of the Foundation for the benefit of the community
k) the participation of LIC-PI. the design and implementation of national or European research and development projects
l) the participation of the LIC in Greek and international cooperative schemes, such as Associations, Networks and Library Consortia for access to electronic information sources and the coordinated progress of science and culture.

1.3. Vision

B.K.P.-P.I. It aspires to promote knowledge, culture and development at individual and social level. It works to strengthen the research and learning of the community it serves with the use of modern services and in order to promote the work of the Foundation.

1.4. Values

The B.C.P.-P.I.:
(a) support equal access to information;
(b) promote open science and access;
c) contribute to academic integrity by participating in building an academic environment of honesty and responsibility;
(d) strengthen partnerships at local and international level by contributing to the sharing of resources, experiences and practices
(e) seek and use innovative technologies for more effective access to information and dissemination of knowledge.

2.1. High Authority

Supreme Administrative Body of the B.K.P.-P.I. is the Senate and the Rector’s Council to which its Director refers.

2.2. Directorate B.C.P.-P.I.

The Director of V.K.P.-P.I. holds a degree in PE or TE Library Science with postgraduate studies in Library Science or other related disciplines and has the following responsibilities:

a) Directs the services of the LIC-PI, coordinates its overall operation and allocates the responsibilities of the Personnel to the individual Departments.
b) Prepares the annual budget, programming and report of the LIC-PI.
c) Ensures the continuous updating and training of the Staff and the users of the V.K.P.-P.I.
d) Proposes cooperation programs with other Libraries and Organizations in Greece or abroad.
e) Plans the development and other activities of the LIC-PI, forwards them to the competent bodies for approval and supervises their implementation in cooperation with the higher bodies.
f) Proposes discussion topics to the Ephorate of the Library.
g) Collaborates with the Foundation’s Services for the facilities and infrastructure needed by the Library.
h) Submits the annual reports/reports for the employees of LIC-PI.
i) Represents the B.K.P.-P.I. in Greece or abroad.

2.3. Ephorate of B.K.P.-P.I.

The Ephorate B.C.P.-P.I. is defined to ensure the widest possible consensus in taking substantive decisions affecting the operation of the LIC-PI. The Library Ephorate: a) has a three-year (3 years) term, b) consists of the competent Vice-Rector, who is appointed President, faculty members, one (1) representative of undergraduate students, one (1) representative of postgraduate students/doctoral candidates, and c) the Director participates as a non-voting rapporteur.
The Ephorate meets online or in person once a quarter or more frequently when issues requiring decisions arise.
Under the responsibility of B.C.P.-P.I. one of its employees is appointed to keep the minutes of the meetings and to handle the correspondence of the Ephorate.
The responsibilities of the B.K.P.-P.I. Ephorate It is:

a) expresses its opinion on any important decisions that the Administration of the Foundation or the Library Management intends to take,
b) proposes the operating framework of the B.C.P.-P.I.,
c) proposes amendments to the internal rules of operation of the Library,
d) recommends the policy for the development of book and periodical collections,
e) proposes the budget of the LIC-PI. and decides how to allocate it to individual cognitive areas,
f) informs the Library about new subjects, research priorities, etc. with a view to the balanced development of collections,
g) identifies problems of malfunction and proposes solutions to the Library Management,
h) examines the Library’s policy on issues such as the preservation of material, the creation of collections of doctoral dissertations, the creation of specialized collections, the acceptance of donations, etc.,
i) approves the feasibility and special terms of the Library’s competitions for bookbinding, the supply of books, journal subscriptions, computer equipment, furniture, etc.,
j) formulates the revenue generation policy of the LIC,
k) approves the report of the C.C.P.-P.I. and assesses its performance,
l) decides on all matters assigned to it by decision of the Collective Governing Bodies of the University of Ioannina.

2.4. Administrative structure of B.C.P.-P.I.

The LIC-PI operates at Directorate level, while its administrative structure in individual administrative units is determined by the Organization of the University of Ioannina (par. 2 of article 124 of Law 4957/2022). The responsibilities of the individual administrative units are described in Annex A hereto.

3.1. Employment of C.C.P.-P.I. Personnel

The staff of the Library and Information Center of the University of Ioannina includes all staff who have as their exclusive occupation the operation of the LIC-PI, regardless of their service relationship with the University of Ioannina (administrative employees, E.T.E.P. etc.). The Staff of the V.K.P.-P.I., regardless of the employee category to which they belong, is integrated into the Administrative Structure of the Library and follows the procedures and commitments of this Regulation.
Regardless of their employment status (permanent administrators, administrators with an employment relationship of indefinite duration, etc.), employees employed by the C.C.P.-P.I. offer the same weekly working hours and take the same days of annual leave. The same working hours apply to employees (teachers, teachers, kindergarten teachers, administrators, etc.) who were seconded to the University of Ioannina for the main reason of their employment in the LIC-PI.
In B.K.P.-P.I. Students of Schools of Library Science and Archives as well as other Faculties can carry out Internships in compliance with the provisions of the legislation for the realization of Internships by students.

3.2. Duties of C.C.P.-P.I. Staff

The main tasks of the Library Staff are:

the development of printed and non-printed collections of the B.C.P.-P.I.,
ensuring bibliographic control of these collections,
the provision of modern and effective V.C.P.-P.I. services. to all users of the Library,
the guidance of readers in the use of the B.K.P.-P.I.,
informing readers in the use of collections and other information sources,
the protection of the material and means of the LIC-PI. from any form of loss,
the responsibility for the proper use of the media (photocopiers, PCs, etc.) by the users of the V.C.P.-P.I. and ensuring their maintenance by technicians of the University of Ioannina or by its suppliers when required,
the execution of specific orders that contribute to the better functioning of the C.C.P.-P.I.,
offering information services to the academic community,
the answer to specific questions of use of the information material and procedures of the C.C.P.-P.I.,
the use of information networks and electronic media for the compilation of bibliographies,
interlibrary loan between libraries,
the participation of B.K.P.-P.I. in Library and Information Networks,
the use of information systems of any kind and any related work aimed at the rapid and effective provision of Library services.

3.3. Personnel and Heads of Departments B.C.P.-P.I.

In the Departments of B.K.P.-P.I. Employees who serve in it with any employment relationship are included. Staff recruited, transferred or seconded to the C.C.P.-P.I. It is also part of the Departments of the V.K.P.-P.I. The qualifications of the staff of B.C.P.-P.I. It should be of high scientific and professional standard.

4.1. Definition of users – members

The Library applies the principle of equal treatment irrespective of race, colour, national or ethnic origin, descent, religious or other beliefs, disability or chronic illness, age, educational level or income, language, marital or social status, sexual orientation, gender identity or sex characteristics.
More specifically, users and members of the Library and Information Center of the University of Ioannina can be:

a) Members of the Teaching, Research and Administrative Staff of the University of Ioannina.
b) Students enrolled in Departments of the University of Ioannina.
c) Postgraduate Students or PhD Candidates who have an Advisory Committee with the participation of a faculty member of the University of Ioannina.
d) Postdoctoral Researchers of the University of Ioannina.
e) Foreign students participating in interuniversity cooperation programs.
f) Individuals outside the academic community of the University of Ioannina (registration as external users).
g) Students of other Greek HEIs (registration as external users).
h) Persons associated with the University of Ioannina in terms of work or research.

4.2. Regulation of use of the Library

In the Library and Information Center of the University of Ioannina, users – members must apply the following regulation:

  • B.K.P.-P.I. It maintains open reading rooms and bookstacks, which extend over all floors and are accessible to all users.
  • The users of V.K.P.-P.I. They must keep quiet in all areas and especially in the reading room.
  • Smoking is not allowed in any area of the B.K.P.-P.I.
  • Handwritten notes on printed material of the B.K.P.-P.I. are prohibited. or his mistreatment.
    It is forbidden to transfer material of the Library without borrowing it in accordance with the prescribed borrowing procedure.
  • Dishes are not allowed, except in specially designed areas outside the V.K.P.-P.I.
  • The consumption of bottled water and soft drinks is allowed with the obligation to deposit their packaging in the infrastructure for collecting materials for recycling.
  • Animals other than those accompanying visually impaired persons are not allowed to enter.
  • Users of V.K.P.-P.I. who leave the Library having borrowed material, must present them to the Service Staff, if requested. Users are obliged to comply with the instructions of the Staff and to respect the space, infrastructure and equipment of the LIC. Any damage or loss of material should be restored or compensated by the user who caused it.
  • B.K.P.-P.I. may refuse to borrow books, or even enter the premises, to persons who are caught carrying material outside the Library without borrowing, who have vandalized and destroyed material or have violated these operating regulations.
  • All members, including External Users, are obliged to declare that they are aware of this Regulation as proof that they accept it.
  • B.K.P.-P.I. ensures equal access of all users to its Collections and Services.
    Users are obliged to comply with applicable copyright laws.
  • Faculty members who retire may, if they wish, retain their rights as active members of the Library, honorably. In any case, the Secretariats of the Departments must inform the Library of the imminent departure of the faculty members and apply for a Certificate of Non-Debt of Material.
  • The members of the Foundation who resign, leave, transfer to another institution, lose the borrowing rights they had as employees of the University of Ioannina.
  • All Postgraduate Students and PhD Candidates of the University of Ioannina must upload electronically their postgraduate/doctoral thesis to the Institutional Repository ‘OLYMPIAS’, as well as their relevant publications.

The decision to refuse to use the B.K.P.-P.I. received from the Library Management.

5.1. Borrowing rights

The borrowing of material from the B.K.P.-P.I. It is allowed to persons belonging to categories (a), (b), (c), (d), (e), but also to categories (f) and (g) after registration as external users and issuance of a Library membership card with charge. Users of category (h) must provide certificates of employment or research agreement in order to become members of the Library without the issuance of an external user card. The borrowing intervals depending on the category of users are the following:
Active faculty members of the University of Ioannina can borrow up to 50 books for a period of up to 12 months.
Retired faculty members of the University of Ioannina can borrow up to 30 books for up to 3 months.
Postdoctoral researchers of the University of Ioannina can borrow up to 30 books for a period of up to 2 months.
PhD candidates of the University of Ioannina can borrow up to 20 books for a period of up to 2 months.
Graduate students can borrow up to 15 books for a month.
Undergraduate students can borrow up to 3 books for a month.
Placement students and students over n+2 years of study can borrow up to 5 books for a period of one month.
Foreign students participating in interuniversity cooperation programs – ERASMUS & Centre for the Teaching of the Greek Language – can borrow up to 5 books for a period of one month.
External Users with an annual subscription Library membership card can borrow up to 5 books for a period of 2 months.

5.2. General lending rules

The confirmation of the user category is done by showing the academic ID or the Library membership card. Borrowing is not allowed to people who do not have a Library card.
All books and brochures of V.K.P.-P.I. can be borrowed. Exceptions are information material (encyclopedias, dictionaries, indexes, etc.) and old and rare books. Material that is in high demand may belong to a special category of material and is characterized as “Limited Loan Material” or as a Student Collection.
Issues and bound volumes of journals cannot be borrowed.
It is forbidden to remove material from the LIC before recording its borrowing.
Until the recording of the return of the material, the user is responsible for the material borrowed. The borrower does not have the right to lend to another material borrowed by him. The material must first be returned to the LIC and borrowed by the next one in accordance with the prescribed borrowing procedure. In case of destruction or loss of borrowed material, the user must replace the material or pay the cost of its purchase.
The lending of material to another Library outside the University of Ioannina is allowed only if there is a cooperation agreement with the specific Library (Interlibrary Loan).
The loan of material to another Library is subject to the conditions set by the Library and Information Center of the University of Ioannina.
The borrowed material must be returned to the LIC-PI. if requested by another user through a booking process (after 15 days from the original borrowing date). Material loaned to any category of user must be returned when requested for inventory purposes, control, etc.
The rights and obligations of the users of the B.C.P.-P.I. are related to the category of user to which they fall and not to the Sector, Department or School to which they belong.
Notifications for the return of borrowed material are sent to the last email or postal address of the user known to the Library.
The Library has the right to prohibit the use of the Library or access to electronic resources to users who a) do not return the borrowed material, despite the Library’s reminders and b) are in possession of material that has not been recorded in the Library’s borrowing system.
Upon termination of student status, the award of a Master’s or PhD degree or withdrawal from the University of Ioannina for any reason, users are obliged to return the books they have borrowed. The Secretariat of each Department, or the corresponding service, issues a postgraduate degree or degree only upon presentation of a certificate or electronic confirmation by the Library that the user does not owe books for return to the Library. A similar procedure applies in case of departure of a faculty member.

5.3. Borrowing process

In the Library and Information Center of the University of Ioannina, and in all its Branches, a common loan monitoring system is applied. With this system, the Library is given the opportunity to know if a book is borrowed and which books each user has borrowed. The terms of operation of the borrowing system are determined by the Library Management.
The borrowing is carried out by the user and the employee of the Library at the Lending Office of the competent Department of the B.K.P.-P.I.
For the needs of providing its services, and especially lending, V.K.P.-P.I. keeps a record of the names and addresses of its users. These data are confidential, are used only for the needs of the Library and are not given to any other private or public body. Data are archived when they are not necessary to monitor the Library’s borrowings for a period of time.

6.1. Interlibrary loan of books
In B.K.P.-P.I. There is an interlibrary loan service, which undertakes the distribution and borrowing of books that do not exist in the collections of the V.K.P.-P.I., but are located in another academic library in Greece or abroad.
All users of V.K.P.-P.I. have the right to use this service. who are members of the Foundation or have a Library membership card.
In general, interlibrary loan requests may relate to any published document. Material that cannot be requested from other libraries includes information material (encyclopedias, dictionaries, bibliographies, albums, guides, etc.), rare books and books published before 1940. B.K.P.-P.I. It complies with copyright law and, therefore, the Interlibrary Loan Service does not ask for photocopies of entire issues of magazines to be sent to it, in order to avoid their total printing and distribution.
The borrowing period for each interested party is subject to the borrowing terms set by the collaborating lending Library.
The shipment, on the one hand by the Library that lends the book and on the other hand by the Library that returns it, is done in the safest and shortest way.
The costs of sending and returning the documents requested by the B.K.P.-P.I., as well as the operating costs of the service, are covered exclusively by the user who submits the interlibrary loan request.

6.2. Article orders
B.K.P.-P.I. It provides its users with the opportunity to order, in printed or electronic form, articles from magazines that it does not have. Orders are processed through the National Documentation Centre (NCC) or other relevant services.
The articles are received or sent by the V.K.P.-P.I., in electronic form by e-mail, according to the wish of the user and the capabilities of the Library that is called to satisfy the order request.
The total time to process the order varies from one day to one week, depending on the Library and the shipping method chosen.
The prices of sending and receiving articles through the National Network of Research and Technology Libraries are determined by decision of the collaborating Libraries.

7.1. Terms and context of use

Computer systems and electronic services means all electronic equipment of the LIC-PI, i.e. the mechanical equipment, software, communication networks and all electronic services provided by the website of the LIC-PI.
There are computers whose use is limited to searching the directory and are called ‘OPAC Locations’, computers used to search the Internet and computers on which users can use software packages.
The computer systems and electronic services offered by V.K.P.-P.I. must be used in such a way as to support the mission of the University and be consistent with its academic character. They are provided by B.K.P.-P.I. to support its administrative functions, teaching and research within the framework of the University’s obligation to provide services to society as a public educational organization.
Users of the public equipment of V.K.P.-P.I. members of the academic community of the University of Ioannina are given priority.
The use of the public electronic equipment of V.K.P.-P.I. is carried out in compliance with a code of conduct, which ensures its best possible utilization and determines the framework within which both the Personnel of the V.K.P.-P.I. must operate. as much as users.

7.2. Rules for proper use of computer systems and electronic services

The unauthorized use of computer systems and electronic services, as well as the administrative functions of the Library, for personal gain beyond the promotion of the academic mission of the University is prohibited.
Users of LIC-PI computers must obtain information and data only in a lawful and approved manner, using software that is in full accordance with its license and the legal framework for the protection of intellectual property in force in Greece. Respect for intellectual creation is important for academic production and activity. B.K.P.-P.I. It applies copyright law to the works of all authors and publishers regardless of the form in which they are published.
Due to the volatility and ease of reproduction of electronic information, respect for one’s work and personal expression is particularly important in places where computers are used. Violations of authorial integrity, such as plagiarism, violation of business secrets, unauthorized use, and copyright infringement, may be grounds for sanctioning members of academia.
Computer users should respect the personal files and data of other users, avoiding reviewing, transmitting or modifying them without their consent.
The Staff of V.K.P.-P.I. must not search, examine, use, modify or disclose publicly, without authorization, personal or confidential information contained on a computer which they do not use for the needs of the service they offer to the LIC-PI. in the context of their employment there.
Users using the e-mail service must not declare a false identity. Also, messages should not be sent anonymously in order to deceive recipients. It is strictly forbidden to send e-mails to persons who have not requested their subscription to these e-mail lists.
It is forbidden to install, use or create other programs by users, except those installed by LIC-PI.
The abuse or unlawful use of all electronic services provided through LIC-PI is prohibited. (e.g., the systematic storage of the full content of issues of electronic journals and the making available of this electronic material in any way to other unauthorized users inside or outside the country, etc.).
The computer services of V.K.P.-P.I. must not be used for purposes that may cause, directly or indirectly, excessive load on computer installations or undue and arbitrary interference with the use of computer systems and services by other users.
The computer systems of B.K.P.-P.I. They must not be used in a way that offends morals or harasses, or in any other inappropriate way.
The use of electronic equipment and services of V.K.P.-P.I. It must under no circumstances be done in a way that discriminates between users. This term expressly prohibits any conduct intended to intimidate or insult a person because of a person’s gender, race, color, religion, ethnicity, age or sexual orientation.
Computer activity can be monitored via a screen by authorized persons in order to maintain security and better system performance. In cases where a person is suspected of misuse of computers, it is possible to examine the contents of users’ files by a person authorized by the Library Management.
Violations of the Library’s regulation regarding the use of computer systems and electronic services may lead to restriction or prohibition of their use by the offenders. In addition, sanctions may be imposed, based on the rules of procedure of the LIC, the applicable provisions and collective bargaining for each violation, which may include the permanent exclusion of offenders from the use of the LIC-PI.
At the discretion of the administrator of computer systems, the right to use computers may be temporarily or permanently withdrawn depending on the violation of the code. The withdrawal of the right of use will take place 24 hours after the notification of each user.

7.3. Photocopiers

B.K.P.-P.I. has photocopiers which are used to make photocopies needed by users of the Library material.

The use of V.K.P.-P.I. photocopiers is prohibited. for photocopying material that does not belong to the material of the LIC, such as notes, etc.
Users reproduce the photocopies themselves in compliance with the provisions of the legislation on the protection of authors’ copyright.
The photocopiers operate with cards that can be purchased by the user at a charge from the Service Service on the ground floor of the V.K.P.-P.I.

7.4. ScanToMail Machines

B.K.P.-P.I. has ScanToMail machines that are used to digitize printed material and send it directly to an email account.
Users digitize the material they are interested in themselves in compliance with the provisions of the legislation on the protection of authors’ copyright.

The Library and Information Center of the University of Ioannina has closed offices-reading areas on the 6th floor. These offices enable users who need to use the Library’s material and electronic equipment to conduct their research and study in a more private and quiet space. Also, some of these spaces lend themselves to collaboration.
Private reading areas are divided into two categories depending on the time of their use. There are places available for a few days and others used daily. The concession of daily use of private offices is made according to the date of submission of the relevant application, while for spaces that are granted for a longer period, the status of the person who submits the application for use of the space is also taken into account. Priority for the use of offices-spaces is given in the following descending order:
a) Honorary and emeritus professors of the University of Ioannina.
b) Visiting professors and researchers collaborating with the University.
c) PhD Candidates of the Foundation and Postgraduate Students enrolled in a Postgraduate Program of the University.
Those interested in using a private office-reading space for more than one day must submit a relevant application of the LIC-PI. The evaluation of requests and their approval is done by the Library Management. In addition to the application, a certificate from the Department with which the interested party cooperates is required.
The keys to the use of these areas are available from the Customer Service.

B.K.P.-P.I. is open during academic semesters according to the needs and available staff.

It operates from Monday to Friday and may operate only as a Reading Room on Saturday and Sunday during the periods when it employs postgraduate students, doctoral candidates or postdoctoral researchers as assistant librarians. It remains closed on public holidays and days determined by the Administration of the University of Ioannina.

In case the safety of the Staff and the collections is endangered, the decision to close the Library may be taken by the Library Management.

10.1. Acquisition policy

The Library and Information Center of the University of Ioannina applies a specific policy of acquisition and development of its collections. This policy is in line with the mission of the Library, the subjects taught and researched at the Foundation, and the needs to support a comprehensive education and cultural development of the members of the academic community.
B.C.P.-P.I. collects or ensures remote (on-line) access to:
Information material of any kind (books, scientific journals, books on CD-ROM, etc.), related to the subjects of the University of Ioannina.
General information material of all kinds, such as Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Bibliographies, etc.
Doctoral dissertations and postgraduate theses awarded by all Departments of the University of Ioannina.
Course textbooks distributed to students of the University of Ioannina or other AEIs in Greece and abroad. The collection of textbooks and student books constitutes the Student Collection of B.K.P.-P.I.
Publications of the members of the Academic Community.
Audiovisual material.
Electronic databases with sounds, images, digital bibliographies or full texts, either on-line or in digital form.
Books of historical and archival value of each subject.
University yearbooks, lists of members of scientific organizations, etc.

The above material can be in printed or electronic form. All the material of the B.K.P.-P.I. It is classified and cataloged according to international library standards in an Automated Open Access Catalogue (ACAP – OPAC), so that the academic community becomes aware of its existence. It does not borrow material before it is sealed or registered in the Library catalogue.
All members have the right to access the open directories from anywhere. Access to all kinds of subscription scientific content of the LIC-PI have only the members of the Foundation. External users may have access to subscription services only within the premises of the Library.
B.K.P.-P.I. maintains a special space for the Collection of Old-Rare Material, which is governed by a special regulatory framework of operation for protection and preservation purposes.

10.2. Book orders

All users of the Library have the right to submit a proposal for the purchase of new books, regardless of their status or rank.
To every user of V.K.P.-P.I. is allowed to fill in the special form of the Library, with which he proposes the purchase of new books. The proposal for the purchase of a book is promoted if there is financial capacity and the relevant funds from the Foundation.
At least two months before the beginning of each semester, teachers submit a list of textbooks that they consider necessary for the complete education of students. Each Department, taking into account the existing budget, decides on the titles and copies it will order.
In the purchase proposal it is necessary to indicate the relevant bibliographic information (book title, author name, publisher name, publication year, publication number, etc.) and the price of the proposed book.
In case the books, the purchase of which is proposed, already exist in the B.C.P.-P.I. Justification for the proposal is required.
During the promotion of orders, care is taken to ensure that an amount of money remains at the disposal of the B.K.P.-P.I. for the supply of information and other material covering interdisciplinary subjects or enriching its collections on a balanced basis.

10.3. Magazine orders

Only faculty members of the Departments of the University of Ioannina have the right to submit a proposal for the commencement of a journal subscription. The relevant request is submitted to the Library through the Library Ephorate or the Library Committee of the Department. The final decision is taken by the Library, provided that there are the relevant credits in the subject.
In cases where it is estimated that the proposed new journal subscription will significantly burden the subscription budget of the LIC-PI. corresponding to the respective Department (subject area), a decision is required by the General Assembly of the Department and by the competent Vice-Rector. No request for a new subscription is forwarded in case it already exists or in case the start of the subscription will create a financial deficit in the expenditure codes of the C.C.P.-P.I.
All incoming books and magazines are received by the competent Department of V.K.P.-P.I., where they are compared with the order details and checked for compliance with the terms of the contract signed with the suppliers.

10.4. Hardware Protection Policy

B.K.P.-P.I. It follows specific practices and defined procedures in exceptional cases that may jeopardize the collection. Therefore, B.C.P.-P.I. may make copies of some items in case of destruction of the original material. These copies shall be stored in another place to safeguard the copyright of the original.
B.K.P.-P.I. take the necessary precautions to protect the collection from:
Theft: a) Special security methods are applied to protect collections, especially those containing sensitive material or donations of great value and b) printed and electronic catalogues of all material are maintained to prove ownership in case of theft.
Fire: V.K.P.-P.I. maintains the necessary fire-fighting equipment for emergencies; The Library Staff must attend regular seminars on the use of the equipment.
Parasites: a) The material accepted through donations from the B.K.P.-P.I. it must be cleaned -if possible- or disinfected -if necessary- before its placement in the Library building and b) periodic spraying of the building for disinfestation is carried out, in order to preserve the material.

10.5. Material Removal Policy

The withdrawal of material from the basic collection is an important factor in the management of the LIC-PI collection. contributing to its more effective use.
It is divided into two categories
Material that is withdrawn and stored in auxiliary areas of the Library. with the possibility of recovering it in case of search.
The criteria for its withdrawal and storage in auxiliary areas are: a) relevance, b) frequency of use, c) multiple accessibility, d) physical condition, and e) number of copies.
Material withdrawn and permanently removed from the Library. This material receives a seal of Withdrawal and may be disposed of in other Libraries, sold by decision of the competent bodies of the Foundation and the proceeds may be used for the acquisition of new material, or finally destroyed in accordance with the procedures set by the current legislation for the destruction of public property, as in force each time.
The criteria for the permanent removal of material are: a) the number of copies in relation to their lending activity, b) the physical condition (damaged, badly printed), c) material concerning encyclopedias, dictionaries, textbooks which are replaced by newer editions.
The withdrawal policy excludes material belonging to rare or closed collections and donation material, provided that a relevant clause is stated in the donation agreement.

11.1. Operating framework

The Library and Information Center of the University of Ioannina maintains and manages the Institutional Repository of the University of Ioannina OLYMPIA (I.A.P.I.)
I.A.P.I. Olympia collects, preserves and promotes the intellectual output of the Foundation. It offers a clear and as complete as possible record of the results of the research of the University of Ioannina and provides data for any future evaluation of the research, as well as for internal reports and bibliometric analyses.
It consists of:
The OLYMPIA Institutional Repository which includes scientific articles, conference announcements, monographs, postgraduate and doctoral theses of the teaching and research staff of the University of Ioannina.
The Digital Library “Epiromnemon” which includes digital copies of books, scientific journals, archival material, etc., from the collections of the Library of the University of Ioannina. Particular emphasis was given to material referring to the history and culture of Epirus and to rare and valuable material that exists in the Library.

11.2. Deposit Policy

The University of Ioannina, by decision of the Senate, adopted the policy of Open Access by accepting the signing of the Berlin Declaration (Senate Session 989/8-11-2012). Therefore, it encourages members of the academic community to submit to I.A.P.I. OLYMPIA a digital copy of their publications that have been published or published in scientific journals, monographs, conference proceedings.
The items accepted for deposit at I.A.P.I. OLYMPIA are determined by the policies and objectives of the repository. The types of documents are:

  • Articles in scientific journals
  • Results of Research Projects
  • Conference speeches
  • Conference proceedings
  • Posters
  • Conference abstracts
  • Books / Monographs
  • Chapters of books / monographs / series
  • Patents
  • Single datasets
  • Doctoral dissertations
  • Postgraduate Thesis

11.3. Terms of deposit at I.A.P.I. OLYMPIA

1. The submission of the digital material to I.A.P.I. OLYMPIA is done by the creator electronically, through the process of self-deposit.
2. The copyright holder shall be the author himself or whoever has the appropriate licences to dispose of the work.
3. In case there are commitments of third parties (e.g. publisher), the metadata of the work will be deposited with simultaneous reference to the publisher (publisher URL).
4. I.A.P.I. OLYMPIA does not evaluate the documents submitted and the creator/depositor is responsible for their validity.
5. In the event that an author/depositor of I.A.P.I. OLYMPIA ceases to be a member of the academic community of the University of Ioannina, the documents he/she has submitted until his/her departure continue to remain with the I.A.P.I. OLYMPIA.

11.4. Procedure for submission to I.A.P.I. OLYMPIA

Login to the self-deposit portal is done either by using the institutional accounts or by registering in the repository.
Articles and Conference Announcements: In the case of articles published in scientific journals, conference announcements in their final or pre-published form, their submission is encouraged in accordance with the decision of the Senate of 8-11-2012 (Senate Session 989 / 8-11-2012) and is part of the University’s general policy to support Open Access, as expressed by the signing of the Berlin Declaration by the University of Ioannina.
Results of research projects: With the agreement of the Scientific Coordinators and the Participating Researchers in publicly funded research, the respective managers can assist in the effort to maximize the accessibility, use and applications of their findings. In order to achieve the above, the following are requested:
Submit to I.A.P.I. OLYMPIA electronic copies of all research papers that have been accepted for publication in scientific journals, and are supported in whole or in part by public funds immediately upon acceptance for publication.
Submit to I.A.P.I. OLYMPIA the metadata (title, authors, institutional insurance, the name of the journal that has accepted the article, etc.) that will be publicly displayed from the moment of deposit of the research paper.
Provide the full text no later than 6 months after the publication of the research paper.
To retain ownership of the copyright of their published articles wherever possible.

Postgraduate and Doctoral Dissertations (M.E. & Ph.D.): Postgraduate theses and Doctoral dissertations prepared at the University of Ioannina must be submitted only in digital form to the I.A.P.I. OLYMPIA and are a prerequisite for the swearing-in of students. PhD Candidates and Postgraduate Students must, along with their main thesis, submit to I.A.P.I. OLYMPIA the announcements-publications they have conducted within the framework of the Ph.D. and M.E.

11.5. M.E. and P.A. filing policy

Students will submit to I.A.P.I. OLYMPIA their work with the final corrections.
The submission, after informing the Secretariat, shall be made by the interested party at least 10 days before the swearing-in. On the Library page there are detailed instructions on how to deposit.
Upon completion of the submission by the student, I.A.P.I. OLYMPIA informs electronically and automatically the Secretariat of the Department and the Library.
The Library checks the metadata, accepts the work and makes the final import into the archive of I.A.P.I. I.A.P.I. Olympia automatically sends the student an e-mail informing about its acceptance.
The Secretariat, at the same time, approves the validity of the work in terms of name, title and final form. Then, she updates her file so that the student can proceed with the swearing-in.
In case the metadata needs to be corrected, the Library may contact the student in order to jointly make the required changes.
The work one (1) day after approval and admission to I.A.P.I. OLYMPIA acquires a permanent Digital Object Identifier (DOI).

11.6. Hide items from public viewing

The removal of items from the Institutional Repository is not permitted. In special cases, such as those of administrative or legal impediments, it may be necessary to hide documents or part of them from public viewing through a Repository, without this entailing its complete deletion. In such cases, the item is hidden from public viewing, while the original recording of the metadata remains available with a reference to the reasons for hiding the item.
Acceptable reasons for hiding entries from the Repository are:

(a) Issuer policies;

b) Copyright infringement;

(c) Legal sanctions and

(d) National security.


12.1. Collection of rare material

The Library and Information Center of the University of Ioannina organizes a special collection of rare material consisting of: a) old and rare books, b) manuscripts, c) codes, d) photographs, e) audiovisual material.
This material covers topics related to the history, tradition and culture of the mainland. Special care will be taken for the supply of material related to the history of the University of Ioannina.

In very rare cases, it is possible to acquire material referring to topics other than the above, provided that it is part of an already existing collection nationwide. For the supply of material for the enrichment of the special collection, a relevant request is submitted to the Ephorate of the Library. The Ephorate, after taking into account the provisions of this Regulation and the finances of the LIC-PI, shall decide on this.
The special collection is placed in an appropriately organized area of the B.K.P.-P.I. and includes all relevant material that exists in all the Libraries-Branches of the University of Ioannina.
Access and use of this material is made in compliance with specific rules and conditions imposed by the nature and condition of the material.

12.2. Limited Loan Collection

When an item in the main collection is in high demand, even a reduction in borrowing duration may not be sufficient to meet the needs of all users. For this reason, if the Library finds that an item is in increased demand or upon the recommendation of the readers, it may decide to include it in the Limited Lending Collection.

This collection also includes the “Student Collection” which consists of multiple copies of student textbooks acquired by the Library through the textbook distribution system “EUDOXUS”.

The exact duration of borrowing is determined based on usage needs.

Borrowing copies that have been included in the limited borrowing collection is not renewed.

In the event that it takes a long time to return to the LIC material of the limited loan collection, and especially if the staff becomes aware that someone is deliberately depriving other persons of access to a copy of “limited loan”, the LIC-PI. impose sanctions.

There are two categories of borrowing of “limited lending” material:

Borrowing 24 hours with return the next day, at the same time.
Borrowing of items borrowed on Friday and returned on Monday morning.

The inclusion of documents in the limited borrowing collection is done upon the recommendation of the faculty members and in collaboration with the special librarians.

13.1. Donation material management policy

The Library and Information Center of the University of Ioannina accepts donations of books and information material that enhance the subjects of its collections and support educational and research programs of the University. For the management of donations, the following are defined:

  • The examination of donations and the proposal for their acceptance is made by special librarians in accordance with the collection development policy of the LIC-PI. In case of non-acceptance of a donation, B.K.P.-P.I. can suggest -where possible- other libraries in which the content of the donation will be useful. In case of acceptance, transport costs are borne by the donor.
  • After accepting a donation, it becomes the property of V.K.P.-P.I. and only the Library can make decisions about its preservation, classification, library processing, and how it is used and made available to readers.
  • If the donor requests the return of material for which there is a legal donation agreement, the B.K.P.-P.I. will consult the Foundation’s Legal Service before taking any decision. The D.L.I.S. does not return any item for which there is a donation agreement, unless a legal obligation arises.
  • The donor may request the return of previously accepted material without a donation agreement.
  • If, upon receipt of the donation, it is found that part of it already exists in the B.K.P.-P.I., this material may be withdrawn, offered to another Library, or returned to the donor or his family.
  • Other material that can be withdrawn are: Diaries, invitations, memorandums, congratulatory cards, condolences and greetings, applications, reference files, personal applications, correspondence, travel expenses or payment documents, research project proposals, project offprints, etc.
  • A withdrawal form must be completed for each item withdrawn from a collection.
  • B.K.P.-P.I. reserves the right to include, without limitation, material obtained from donations in exhibitions organized on campus or outside the campus. The original material will not be borrowed for exhibitions outside the campus.
  • B.K.P.-P.I. reserves the right to make changes to the policy of organizing donations, always aiming at the protection of its collections and the service of its users. Although every effort will be made to comply with the content of the agreement made between LIC-PI. and the donor when acquiring the donation, the Library does not undertake the responsibility to notify the donor of any revision of its policy.

14.1. Descriptive cataloguing

The material of the V.K.P.-P.I. is organized librarianically in compliance with internationally recognized cataloguing rules. The information relating to an item is called metadata and the structure of the information is determined by the MARC21 format. Cataloguing is based on the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, 2nd Edition (AACR II) and RDA (Resource Description and Access) rules.

14.2. Classification–Standard terms

The thematic classification of the material is done according to the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC). The established terms used follow the Library of Congress Thesaurus of Congress (LCSH).

14.3. Classification (Stamps)

For the classification of the material, labels are prepared which include the thematic taxonomic number of each item and the first three letters of its creator or title. The markings are placed on the spine of the book/document.

The European Documentation Centre (EDC) of the University of Ioannina is housed on the ground floor of the Central Library of the University. The main objective of the EDF is the systematic collection and documentation of European publications, the information of citizens on European prospects for prosperity and social development, and the support of research on issues of European interest.
The Collection of the European Documentation Centre includes brochures on the institutions of Europe and their work, educational guides, periodicals of a scientific nature, monographs and posters of cultural and social activities. Access to the material is free and visitors can browse the collection in the specially designed area of the Center. The Centre welcomes the public during the opening hours of the Library.

The B.K.P.-P.I. makes an annual inventory of its material. The results of the census with the relevant observations are sent to the Ephorate of Library and the Administrative Bodies of the University.
The inventory of the Library’s material takes place during the summer period.
Every year, in the month of February, the Library Directorate submits to the Ephorate of Library a report on the activities of the B.K.P.-P.I. of the previous year. The report mentions the developments that took place in the Library, the development of the collections (with the presentation of statistical data), the expenses for the purchase of material, the services offered and the activities of the Staff. Particular emphasis is placed on next year’s planning and the problems presented, while proposals are made for their solution. For the preparation of the report, the Library Management consults the Heads of the Departments of the V.K.P.-P.I.

By decision of the Ephorate of the Library, the amounts that will be charged to users for the products provided by the B.K.P.-P.I. are determined. services and services, and in particular for:
a) the use of photocopiers of the V.K.P.-P.I.
b) participation in networks of Libraries and information (sending and receiving articles from other Libraries, bibliographic searches, etc.)
c) the delay in returning borrowed material
(d) the replacement of borrowed material which has been lost or destroyed;
e) the issuance of a Library membership card by external users.
The proceeds are used by the B.K.P.-P.I. to cover extraordinary expenses that cannot be covered by the regular budget of the Library, such as the replacement of material that has been destroyed, as well as to compensate students for work in the Library.

B.C.P.-P.I. collaborates with other libraries in Greece and abroad and actively participates in library networks.

With this participation:

  • sends journal articles to other libraries in Greece and abroad, and receives journal articles from them
  • sends to other libraries and receives from them books through interlibrary loan
  • collaborates with other Libraries in matters of coordinated acquisitions, material exchanges, book lending, etc.
  • defines common material processing policies, etc. based on international scientific trends.

The material of the Library is available only for scientific research and study.

Making material available for commercial use or multiple reproduction is prohibited. Under no circumstances will material be sent in violation of the Copyright Law.

B.K.P.-P.I. consider and ensure that requests for material are met only when the procedures and conditions laid down in this Regulation are complied with. The satisfaction of requests for sending material from the LIC will not be at the expense of its main task, which is the service of its users.

B.K.P.-P.I. regularly evaluates its services in order to determine whether they meet their objective and the impact they have on the target audience. It participates in the evaluations of the Quality Assurance Unit of Academic Libraries (MODIPAV) and at the same time conducts research evaluating the actions it adopts. The results of the surveys shall be made publicly available.

B.C.P.-P.I. promotes its work by:

  • the promotion of its collections and services through information actions and promotional events (training seminars, guided tours, etc.),

  • the promotion of collaborations with the Departments and Services of the Foundation,

  • strengthening collaborations with other academic libraries at local and international level,

  • its participation in conferences and workshops,

  • the regular updating and upgrading of its official website,

  • the promotion of issues, announcements, actions, actions through social networks sensitizing its users,

  • the design of newsletters in printed and electronic form,

  • the development of seminar events,

  • strengthening its cooperation with the Quality Assurance Unit of Academic Libraries (MODIPAV) of HEAL-Link and the relevant authorized units of the Foundation for the conduct of qualitative and quantitative research and statistical data, in order to evaluate and ensure high quality services,

  • her active participation in the activities of HEAL-Link, of which she is a member.

21.1. Resolve issues

Individual issues not covered by these internal regulations are regulated, depending on their importance, by decisions of the Library Management, the Library Ephorate, and the Administrative Bodies of the University.

21.2. Amendment of Rules of Procedure

This Regulation may be amended in whole or in part upon the recommendation of the Library Management and the Library Ephorate.

APPENDIX A ́ Responsibilities of Departments B.K.P.-P.I.


The Department is responsible for:

1. the management of the human resources serving in the Library of the University Campus of Ioannina and its Branches and the appointment of the staff who operate the Library in the various daily periods (shifts),
2. the operation of reading rooms during weekends,
3. the administrative and secretarial support of the Ephorate of the Library and any other relevant committee,
4. the promotion of the educational, scientific, research and cultural activity of the Library,
5. issuing forms, keeping records of documents, circulars and related books, as well as documents and archive files;
6. the organization and conduct of exhibitions, ceremonies, festivals and conferences,
7. the organization of training and continuing training seminars for the staff of the “Library and Information Centre”,
8. the organization of information literacy seminars for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students, and the compilation of information material for this purpose,
9. the execution of tasks related to the participation of the Library in Joint Ventures and Library Associations,
10. the management of development and research projects,
11. the production of informative leaflets and instructions on issues related to the services of the Library,
12. the handling of incoming and outgoing mail and the receipt and dispatch of material of all kinds;
13. the logistics, cleanliness and security of buildings,
14. keeping a land register,
15. the preparation and promotion of financial requests in accordance with the approved budget as well as the preparation of the minutes of receipt, etc. in cooperation with the Library Management,
16. the execution of works for the payment of the Library’s suppliers,
17. the design, standardization and production of all forms of forms, as well as the design of internal operating procedures;
18. the receipt of orders from the Departments and the Library Staff, the control of prices and their forwarding to suppliers according to the possibilities of the budget of the V.K.P.-P.I.
19. the cooperation with the Department of Metadata and Collections Management for the conduct of a binding competition according to the needs mentioned by the said Department,
20. the acquisition of biblical or other material of any kind through purchases or donations;
21. the operation of the system for the distribution of Student Textbooks EUDOXUS,
22. monitoring the smooth flow of subscriptions to printed scientific journals and newspapers and entering subscription data into the integrated computer system,
23. monitoring subscriptions and access to electronic scientific journals and databases and managing the relevant contracts of use and access,
24. ensuring that all kinds of supplies are carried out;
25. informing suppliers and publishers of any problems;.
26. keeping a register of the equipment and all kinds of material supplied,
27. the execution of work for the payment of suppliers, bookstores, etc.,
28. the collection and attribution to the competent Services of the University of the revenues from the activities of the Library, such as the use of photocopiers, the fines imposed, the publications of the “Library and Information Center”, etc.,
29. the sale or destruction of unsuitable or useless material and its deletion from the management books, as well as the keeping of all necessary books and records,
30. any matter relating to the acceptance or non-acceptance of inheritances, bequests or gifts;
31. The safeguarding of the movable and immovable property of the “Library and Information Centre” and the maintenance of the necessary books and data.

The Department is responsible for:

1. the registration of users in the LIC-PI, the issuance of the relevant documents (IDs, barcodes), the monitoring of any changes in user data (category changes, graduations, retirements, etc.) in communication with the secretariats and the competent Personnel Departments of the Administrative Services Directorate of the PI, and the responsibility for updating and maintaining the relevant electronic file,
2. conducting the borrowing and ensuring the smooth circulation of the borrowed material (timely return, reservations, renewals, withdrawals, etc.) and the timely return of the borrowed material,
3. the processing of borrowing data and the publication of relevant statistical tables, etc.,
4. the management of material intended for controlled circulation within the Library (audiovisual and other material),
5. supervising reading rooms and arranging open collections and repositioning returned books and all kinds of material;
6. the operation of the reading room of the closed collections and the service of its readers in collaboration with the Department of Metadata and Collections Management,
7. participation in national and international networks by ensuring to the academic community and external users the borrowing of monographs, conference proceedings, standards and other printed material as well as the provision of articles in printed or electronic form;
8. the search for libraries and/or suppliers who will ensure the supply of material in the shortest time and at the lowest cost and the evaluation of the services offered,
9. the timely return of borrowed material,
10. participation in national and international interlibrary loan networks by sending articles in printed electronic form to other libraries and lending material,
11. ensuring that his actions comply with copyright law;
12. the processing of interlibrary loan data and the issuance of relevant statistical data in order to draw conclusions regarding the effectiveness of the service provided and the suppliers of the LIC-PI,
13. monitoring developments in interlibrary loan at national and international level, participating in training seminars, conferences, etc., so that the service remains up-to-date and effective,
14. the recording of users’ needs that are not covered by the material of the V.K.P. – P.I. and the close cooperation with the Department of Metadata and Collections Management for the rational development of printed and electronic collections and subscriptions of the Library,
15. the training of users of the LIC-PI,
16. guiding users in the use of workstations for access to the electronic catalogue, the databases of the LIC-PI and the Foundation and the electronic tools that serve the academic needs of users,
17. the management of information collection (printed and electronic),
18. assisting users in their bibliographic searches,
19. the collaboration with the Department of Metadata and Collections Management and the Department of Administration, Financial Management and Acquisitions for the selection of journal titles and databases, books and other material for the development of a strategy for the development of printed and electronic collections according to the needs of the academic community and the general policy of the University,
20. the collection of users’ requests for material not available from the LIC-PI. and forwarding them to the competent Department,
21. the cooperation with the teaching staff for the organization and distribution of the collection of limited loans,
22. the organization of book fairs and other activities in cooperation with the Department of Administration, Financial Management and Acquisitions and the Directorate,
23. the production of bibliographic bulletins with the new acquisitions of the Library in collaboration with all the Departments of the B.K.P.-P.I.,
24. the collection and processing of statistical data on the activities of the LIC-PI,
25. the guided tour of visitors and information on the operation and activities of the V.K.P.-P.I.,
26. the responsibility for the content of the website of the B.K.P.-P.I. in close cooperation with the Department of Information Technologies, Research and Development.

The Department is responsible for:

1. the establishment of principles and rules of operation of the information system for the computerization of the Library,
2. the interconnection of the Library’s catalogue with other catalogues and collective bibliographic structures in Greece and abroad,
3. the inclusion of the Library’s catalogues in collective catalogues of libraries in Greece and abroad,
4. the introduction of metadata for all forms of material (books, magazines, rare material, audiovisual material, etc.), their processing and control for their smooth and timely entry in the catalogues of the LIC-PI,
5. the inclusion of the material in the individual collections according to the needs of the academic community and its degree of rarity or value,
6. the systematic monitoring of international developments in the field of rules and standards of documentation and cataloguing, participating in relevant networks and ensuring their implementation in the LIC-PI,
7. the production of relevant supporting tools, such as archives of established terms, thesaurus of terms, etc.,
8. supervising the library work of the Library Branches and observing the common rules of Library organization,
9. the cooperation with other Libraries in Greece and abroad for the exchange of metadata and recording data,
10. the cooperation with the Department of Services and User Services for the selection of journal titles (printed and electronic) and databases, books and other material and for the policy of developing the collections according to the needs of the academic community and the general policy of the Institution,
11. the classification of periodicals,
12. the collection of material requiring binding and the receipt of bound volumes,
13. informing the academic community at regular intervals about incoming material,
14. monitoring journals circulating in electronic form through international networks and submitting proposals for inclusion in addition to regular subscriptions,
15. the management of the electronic collection of journals and databases,
16. the operation and security of closed collections,
17. the preservation and management of the archival material of the LIC-PI,
18. the operation of the reading room of the closed collections and the service of its readers with the cooperation of the User Support Department,
19. the organization of exhibitions and events for the promotion of rare and archival material (closed collections),
20. the publication of special information tools for the promotion of rare and archival material (closed collections),
21. the digitization of rare and special usability material,
22. the encouragement of holders of collections of rare material to donate to the B.K.P.-P.I.,
23. monitoring international developments in the field of documentation, processing and digital reproduction of rare and archival material and their application in the LIC-PI,
24. taking measures for the conservation and restoration of sensitive documents, especially the material of closed collections,
25. the preparation of proposals for the supply of appropriate and necessary archival materials, chemicals, consumables and mechanical maintenance equipment (ISO specifications),
26. the collaboration with sectors, laboratories, etc., of the Foundation for the promotion and management of closed collections,
27. the processing of metadata of the digital objects of the Institutional Repository (I.A.) OLYMPIA,
28. the introduction of metadata in I.A. OLYMPIA and the control of the provision of direct and effective access to them by users,
29. the development and operation of the Institutional Repository of the University of Ioannina in collaboration with the Department of Information Technologies, Research and Development,
30. drafting policies for material management in physical collections, electronic collections and digital collections,
31. participation in committees and working groups related to its subjects;
32. the preparation of proposals for a strategic plan regarding the implementation of digital content management projects, according to the needs of the Foundation, the collection and the users and their forwarding to the Directorate of the V.C.P.-P.I.

The Department is responsible for:

1. the supervision of the computer system, the digital library, the locally installed databases and in general of the network and all computer systems (central systems, individual workstations of staff and users in the electronic reading rooms), as well as of the central website and the individual webpages of the LIC-PI,
2. the provision of electronic support to all Departments and units of the LIC-PI,
3. the introduction of information technologies in the LIC-PI, as well as the training of its staff in them,
4. the collaboration with companies and organizations in Greece and abroad in research programs related to automation and the application of information technologies in libraries and the collaboration with the other services of the Foundation that provide computational and network support,
5. the study and suggestion of measures for the modernization of the LIC-PI,
6. the supervision of the electronic equipment of the LIC-PI. the provision of technical support and care for the smooth operation of the electronic equipment of the LIC-PI,
7. the proper functioning of storage systems and use of digitised collections;
8. the regular download and security of copies of the Databases created,
9. the drafting of specifications for the supply of new equipment of all kinds, especially those of information technology,
10. the preparation of presentations on technical issues,
11. the training of the Library staff and its users in the use of electronic means and software available to the V.K.P.-P.I.,
12. keeping a record of the software purchased, their manuals and the signing of their user contracts,
13. the cooperation with the Student Accessibility and Social Support Unit of the Foundation for the operation of infrastructure and means for students with disabilities, such as visual impairments, mobility problems, etc.

The Department is based in Arta and belongs to the Central Library. Coordinates the branches of the V.C.P.-P.I. in Arta, Ioannina (Campus B) and Preveza.
The Department is obliged to follow the policies and procedures applicable to the Central Library and therefore cooperates on any technical or administrative issue in cooperation with the competent Departments of the Directorate.

The Department is responsible for:

1. supervising the employment of the staff of the branches under their responsibility;
2. the execution of all necessary work for the organization of collections and the provision of Library services with adequacy and efficiency in the Branches,
3. the implementation of cultural activities in the Annexes;
4. the organization of IT education seminars,
5. the development of the electronic/digital Library with material of the Academic Departments supporting the Branches etc.,
6. the submission of proposals and suggestions to the Directorate of the V.K.P.-P.I. regarding the execution of works that improve the operation of the Branches, the implementation of supplies of all kinds, the acquisition of material, the operation of the information infrastructure of the Branches, etc.,
7. the establishment of committees, if necessary, for the receipt of materials, the supervision of works such as cleaning and maintenance, etc., having the responsibility of their operation and coordination,
8. the management of the Photocopier Centre serving the academic departments of Arta,
9. the development of relations and joint actions with the communities of the Branches and the local community.