Other Sources

Library Catalogues

Single Catalogue of the Collaborative Network of Academic Libraries

Electronic Catalogue of the National Library of Greece.

World Collective Library Catalogue.

Wordcat is a bibliographic database and unified catalogue of collections from country libraries which are members of the OCCLC organization. It contains over 330 million records, which are associated with over 2 billion physical and digital objects in 485 languages, and is offered free of charge in libraries.

Global Library Catalogue with additional searchability by country.

Additional Resources

Greek Academic Electronic Textbooks and Aids.

Action – Kallipos is the first integrated effort for the introduction of electronic, interactive, multimedia books in Higher Education.

The “Kallipos” Repository is a website for collecting textbooks, aids and learning objects, which have either been created by members of the Academic and Research Community in the framework of the Action “Greek Academic Electronic Textbooks and Aids / Kallipos” or have been made available to the Action through an open call for scientific content.

Digital Library for European culture.

Europeana provides access to millions of digitised objects – books, music, artwork and more – with sophisticated tools and search filters.

The digital library “Anemi of the University of Crete offers the internet user a rich collection of bibliographic information, digitized books and articles with emphasis on Modern Greek Culture. Over 2,000,000 digitized pages of rare books and newer editions are freely available to visitors.

The digital cultural collection of the General State Archives ” Archiomnemon” enables the browsing and search of documents, based on their archival description, projecting on the screen their digital copies, which bring to life the traces of the past.

“Pandektis” includes important digital collections of Greek history and culture of the National Hellenic Research Foundation. These are collections from the Institutes of Neohellenic Research, Byzantine Research, and Greek and Roman Antiquity, which have been digitized and are available digitally from the National Documentation Centre.

“Kamirrortron” is an integrated information system, which manages in a unified way historical information concerning Greek education, philosophy and science from the 17th to the early 19th century.

This database constitutes the national archive of doctoral dissertations. It includes data on dissertations prepared in Greek universities, but also on a large number of dissertations prepared abroad by Greek doctorates.

OpenArchives is the largest online portal for searching and navigating reputable Greek scientific content produced by research, science and education institutions.

European portal for searching e-dissertations.