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Full text in the Ebsco NetLibrary for the years 1986-2005

Full text in the conference proceedings of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).

Elsevier Book Series: full text of some 170 series titles , 91 of which are now available through the Emerald website.

Elsevier Handbooks: full text in some 20 textbook titles .

Elsevier Reference Works: full text in 58 encyclopedia titles .

Referex Engineering: full text in approximately 400 titles of e-books from the Chemical, Petrochemical and Process Engineering Collection, Mechanical Engineering and Materials Collection, Electronics and Electrical Engineering Collection.

Full text in approximately 140 titles of the collections Emerald Business, Management and Economics and Emerald Social Sciences. Three of the series titles (Innovation and Leadership in English Language Teaching, Syntax and Semantics, Studies in Writing) have been purchased by Brill and are now only available through his own platform.

Full text in more than 300 titles of e-books from Emerald’s “Business, Management and Economics” and “Social Sciences” collections.

Full text in IEEE conference proceedings.

Full text in 25 e-books of the Benjamins Translation Library collection.

Full text in more than 76000 titles of e-books including monographs, monographs in series and reference works such as encyclopedias, atlases, manuals, etc.

Full text in approximately 500 titles of e-books covering Archaeology, Classical Studies and Law.

Full text in the American Chemical Society e-book of the same name.

Full text in all of Wiley’s e-books (more than 20000 titles).

Open e-books and academic textbooks

Free academic textbooks in Greek

Full text in approximately 10,000 titles of Greek e-books and 821 audiobooks.

Full text in more than 27000 e-book titles of 373 publishers.

Open academic textbooks in the field of psychology. Mostly in English.

Full text in more than 10000 titles of electronic academic books of various distinguished publishers, mainly in the field of humanities and social sciences.

Open academic textbooks, organized by subject area and university. Mostly in English.

Collection of manuals organized by subject area and educational level.

Open academic textbooks from universities in the US and other 70+ countries, organized by subject area, department, country and publisher. Mostly in English.

Open academic textbooks from US universities, organized by subject area. Mostly in English.

Full text in more than 2000 titles of e-books of various distinguished university publications and academic associations.

Full text in more than 700 e-book titles.

Full text on 400 Taylor & Francis e-book titles.