Performance indicators

Main Performance Metrics (KIPs) of Library Operation – What you can expect from us.
Our main performance metrics are:

All comments / suggestions from the users of the Library received through electronic and printed means, will receive a reply / confirmation within one working day of receipt.

The exact classification of all books in the Library’s Main Open Collection will be checked for accuracy at least once every year

Items returned from borrowing will be placed in their exact position on the shelves within one business day

The listed opening hours of the Library will be maintained for 100% of the time

The Library’s information systems (e.g. Library Loan Management System, Institutional Repository, Library Member Registration, Interlibrary Loan System, etc.) will be available continuously with the only exceptions being power cuts and damage to the ILSAS information system

All users will be served directly by the employees at the Library Service Desk

Users will be guided by employees in the use of the catalogue and services of the Library according to the availability of employees

The management of the EUDOXUS System will be continuous without interruptions

Service tools such as Copiers, Scanners, Scan to Mail will be in continuous operation. In case of damage they will be restored in less than three hours.

These indicators will be continuously monitored and the results will be recorded in our Library’s report. Additional indicators are applied to measure performance in individual internal operations and processes.