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Arta Branch Library

The Library of the Arta Branch from 1996 to 2018 was the Central Library of the former TEI of Epirus. It is located at the University Campus of Arta and is housed in an area of 2,000 sq.m. On the ground floor there is the bookstack (capacity of 60,000 books), the reading room with 120 reading places and the user service point (counter), with a total area of 600 sq.m. Rolling collapsed shelves complete the capacity of the bookstack in an area of 80 sq.m. There are 8 PC seats and a photocopier, which is used via magnetic card.

In an area of approximately 30 sq.m. operates the photocopier center that serves the needs of the academic community of Arta.

The first floor houses the Greek Music Archive (with 20 seats for the use of audiovisual equipment), a computer room with a capacity of 25 seats for users, a special training seminar or event room, a teleconference room and staff offices. Special outdoor ramp and elevators facilitate access for people with disabilities.

The collection of the Library consists of approximately 28,500 volumes of books (in Greek, English, French, German, and Turkish), 65 journal titles (21 Greek and 44 foreign), a variety of audiovisual material, undergraduate/postgraduate theses, information material (e.g. dictionaries) and a significant number of literary works and works of general interest.

The collection of the Greek Music Archive (A.E.M.) is a closed collection. The material is digitized and catalogued and consists of approximately 5,000 CDs, 100 DVDs and 200 magnetic videotapes. The material mainly concerns folk music traditions (folk and urban) and Greek musical traditions (approximately 70%). At the same time, there are documents concerning world music (15%), as well as a collection of classical music (15%).

The Library’s collection supports the scientific subjects of the Departments of Agriculture, Informatics and Telecommunications and Music Studies based in Arta, and of studies at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral level. At the same time, the Library is open to external users and visitors under specific terms.

Address: University of Ioannina

Arta Branch Library

University Campus-Kostakioi

Arta P.C. 47100

Opening hours of the library for the public


08:00-15:00 Monday-Friday

OCTOBER (2022)-JUNE (2023)

08:00-17:00 Monday-Friday

Contact : email:

Tel. 2681050452, 6, 7, 9

Staff: Dimitra Vasilaki Librarian

Theodorika Christina Librarian

Nastos Konstantinos Administrative

Karagounis Vasilios Administrative

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