The Auditorium of the Central Library is located on the second floor of the left wing of the Library building, above the canteen of the building.

It has a capacity of 200 people and provides access to an outdoor area (terrace). It has a permanent projector that can be connected to a laptop.

The Amphitheater hosts a number of events all days of the week, while at the same time it serves the conduct of courses, mainly of the Department of Economics, Monday to Friday.

Use – Booking

Members of the academic community interested in booking and using the Auditorium of the Central Library should fill in the form/application form and send it to the Library’s e-mail address (library[at]

The Library Management checks the availability of the space for the requested dates and times and accordingly approves and informs the interested party. The request and approval are forwarded by the Library to the Rectorate for information and final ratification.
Interested parties are informed through the Library Secretariat and consult directly with it on the access and departure procedures as well as on the obligations they undertake during the use of the Amphitheater (e.g. receipt and deposit of keys, space security, communication in case of emergency, lighting, etc.).

For any relevant information and/or clarification you can contact the Library Secretariat by phone, t. Marina Tzalavra, Monday to Friday, 09:00 to 15:00 (26510 05912 and 05978).