Administrative Structure of the Library

The Library and Information Centre of the University of Ioannina operates as an independent and decentralized service equivalent to a Directorate in accordance with the provisions of article 16 of the Law. 3404/2005, as in force from time to time.

The Library and Information Center Directorate of the University of Ioannina consists of the following three Departments with the aforementioned responsibilities:

Department of Administration, Financial Management and Acquisitions

The Department is responsible for the management of the Library’s staff, the appointment of the staff operating the reading rooms and other services of the Library, the handling of incoming and outgoing correspondence, the receipt and dispatch of material of all kinds, the keeping of records of documents and relevant books; the logistics, cleanliness and security of buildings; the administrative and secretarial support of the Library Senate Committee (SEV) as well as any other the relevant committee; the promotion of the educational, scientific, research and cultural activity of the Library; the publication of publications, the organization and conduct of exhibitions, ceremonies, celebrations and conferences; the maintenance of a land registry, the payment of the Library’s suppliers, the execution of works related to the participation of the Library in Joint Ventures and Library Associations, the management of development and research projects, etc.

The Department is also responsible for all acquisitions of material of any kind through purchases or donations, the operation of the system for the distribution of Student Textbooks, the monitoring of the smooth flow of subscriptions to scientific journals and newspapers, the entry of data into the integrated computer system, the monitoring of subscriptions and access to electronic scientific journals and Databases and the management of the relevant contracts of use and access.

Service and Collections Department

The Department is responsible for the operation and provision of services:

  • Lending
  • Interlibrary Loan,
  • Availability of scientific articles,
  • Use of infrastructure for visually impaired people,
  • Information and documentation to the users of the Library and
  • User Training.

It is also responsible for the operation of the Reading Rooms and the proper functioning of the equipment offered; the organization and daily arrangement of the collections housed both inside and outside the central bookshelves of the Library; the organization and use of special collections such as the collection for the visually impaired; the collection of valuable and rare books, the collection of newspapers, the collection of files, etc.

Department of Library Processing and Electronic Services

The Department is responsible for the Library processing (cataloguing, classification, established terms) of the material of each form of the Library using its information system; the preparation of biblical and other material for its inclusion in the Library’s collections; the production of relevant supporting tools such as archives of established terms, thesauruses of terms, etc.; and the exchange of bibliographic records with other Libraries in Greece and abroad.

It is responsible for the proper operation of its information systems as well as the wired and wireless computer network of the Library; the storage and use systems of the digitized collections as well as the computerization systems of the Library’s services. It is responsible for the regular download and security of copies of the Databases created.

The Department is responsible for the development of the Library Website; for the development and operation of the Institutional Repository of the University of Ioannina as well as for the production, distribution and management of digitized documents of all forms produced by the Library’s collections or outside it.