Reproduction of material


The Library and Information Center of the University of Ioannina has five (5) photocopiers located on the ground floor left of the entrance of the Library,

Photocopiers operate with a card receiver. Cards can be obtained from the Service and Collections Counter.

For any problems, please contact the Service Desk Staff.

The price of the card is 5€ for 100 photocopies.


Copiers-Network printers-scanners (Scan2mail)

The multifunction machines (photocopiers-network printers-scanners) installed in the Central Library provide the user with the ability to scan printed material (e.g. pages of books/magazines) and send it via e-mail to the address he specifies.



Download the scanner’s user manual

In Ms-Word (.doc) format
In Acrobat Reader (.pdf) format


Copyright – Personal Information

Users of LIC-PI computers must obtain information and data only in a lawful and approved manner, using software that is in full accordance with its license and the legal framework for the protection of intellectual property in force in Greece.

Respect for intellectual creation is important for academic production and activity. The B.K.P.-P.I . applies copyright law to the works of all authors and publishers regardless of the form in which they are published.

Due to the volatility and ease of reproduction of electronic information, respect for one’s work and personal expression is particularly important in places where computers are used. Violations of authorial integrity, such as plagiarism, violation of business secrets, unauthorized use, and copyright infringement, may be grounds for sanctioning members of academia.

Computer users should respect the personal files and data of other users, avoiding reviewing, transmitting or modifying them without their consent.

Also, the employees of B.K.P.-P.I. must not search, examine, use, modify or disclose publicly, without authorization, personal or confidential information contained on a computer that they do not use for the purposes of the service they offer to the B.K.P.-P.I. in the context of their employment there.

Users using the e-mail service must not declare a false identity. Also, messages should not be sent anonymously in order to deceive recipients. It is strictly forbidden to send e-mails to persons who have not requested their subscription to these e-mail lists.