DSpace Guidelines for Department Secretariats

The registries receive an e-mail informing them of the submission of a new submission.

  • In the message, you select the link that is shared with you

In the browser you use, a new window or a new tab opens depending on the defaults of your computer, in which the “OLYMPIAS” service asks you to choose how to enter.

  • Select “Log in
    via Shibboleth

The system redirects you to the University’s accreditation page.

  • Enter your credentials (see fig. 3)

With the successful entry of your passwords, you can also enter the system.
On the screen below you select the submitted work and you want to approve based on the name and title of the submitter.

  • Select with the “Take up work” button

On the next screen:

  • Select “Accept this work

Check the title and file.

As long as the items you see on your screen match the items in the file

  • Select “Approve

Upon approval of the work, the library staff is informed by email that there is a new task within the system that requires control and processing of metadata.

If the data do not match then

  • Select “Discard
If you need to select rejection , the system redirects to a screen where you can justify to the creator of the work why it is rejected to submit. E.g. “It is not allowed to enter data in capital lettering. Please change it and always in accordance with the syntactic & grammatical conventions of Modern Greek” or “The submitted file has a title that does not match the title of the work you stated” or “The paper file must be in pdf format“. Operations shall be rejected when:
  • Metadata is in capital script
  • The project file is not in pdf format
  • The elements of the file are different from the metadata entered by the creator of the work (check the title)

By selecting the lower right button “Rejection of Item” an email is sent to the creator of the work, who is obliged to repeat the process of self-submission including the proposed corrections.