For students of the University

As a student at the University of Ioannina you have access to a wide range of information resources and facilities to enhance your studies.

Supporting your studies

During your studies at the University, your professors expect you to study and use ideas to better inform and learn about you. Although there is educational material available through the internet. Your teachers will be able to provide guidance through your reading lists and you can find additional interesting information through the Library Catalogue.

How much material can I borrow?

  • Graduate students can borrow up to 10 books for a month
  • Undergraduate students can borrow up to 3 books for a period of 4 weeks.

The borrowed material must be returned to the LIC upon request by another user (after 10 days from the date of borrowing). The material borrowed to any user must be returned when requested for inventory purposes, control, etc.

Find information about your tasks

During the preparation of a project, the material you wish to use may not be included in the listed catalogues or in the Library Catalogue. For this purpose, we subscribe to a large number of electronic journals (e-journals) and databases, and if necessary there is the possibility of searching and even borrowing from other libraries for you. The “Select the database” option within the Library Catalogue will help you discover the databases we provide to help you find good quality academic information on your topic.

Develop your academic skills

We recognize that your goals are high performance and the achievement of the degree with high marks. The competition is fierce, so you may feel the need to further enhance your academic and professional skills in order to gain a significant head start along the way. The Library and other support services offer a range of workshops designed for this purpose.


At some point we all need a little help. Whether it has to do with your studies, legal advice, health, language or even the use of technology. The Library along with other University support services are here for you.

Once you find the books (or audiovisual material) you are interested in, you can either use them in the Library or use the Borrowing Service.

Do not forget to return the borrowed material in the allotted time!

For support on psychological issues, please contact the Counseling Center of our University (SKEPI)

For health issues, please contact the Directorate of Student Welfare – Health Care

In the link of Student Welfare P.I . you will find information on student issues, such as accommodation in student dormitories, meals in the student restaurant, sports facilities, transfers, scholarships, Student Associations, etc.