Availability of articles

Download articles from other libraries

The Library and Information Center of the University of Ioannina (Β.Κ.Π.Π.-Π.Ι.) provides its readers – users with the opportunity to order articles from journals that it does not have, but exist in other libraries in Greece or abroad.

Orders for domestic articles are processed through the Collective Catalogue of Periodicals of the National Network of Scientific and Technological Libraries coordinated by the National Documentation Centre (EKT) www.ekt.gr. Orders for articles from libraries abroad are processed by EKT through other available library cooperation networks.

Users of this service can be those who have the right to borrow material of the B.K.P.-P.I.

Interested parties submitting an order request must:

  1. They make sure that the article they are looking for does not exist in the collection of the B.K.P.-P.I. (Search the electronic catalogue of the Library (OPAC), and the catalogues of the electronic journals (e-Journals) of the Heal-link consortium and electronic subscriptions of the PI).
  2. They are informed about the cost of the article.
  3. Submit an article order application through the Electronic Interlibrary Loan Application Management System
  4. They pay the price upon receipt of the article.

The time of acquisition of the articles depends on the choice of the method of receipt by the reader-user: post or fax, as well as on the way the article is sent by the Library-Supplier: e-mail, mail, fax.

The estimated acquisition time for domestic articles is 1-7 days and for foreign articles: 3-25 days.

For any delays in sending the material from the available Library, the reader is informed for cancellation or reconfirmation of the request.

The delivery of the articles is made after telephone or other information to the reader by the employees of the Interlibrary Loan Service of B.K.P.-P.I.

The interested party is obliged to receive the articles within 3 days of notification.

Articles are delivered photocopied and are not returned. They are collected by the Interlibrary Loan Service (Monday-Friday hours: 08:30-14:00).

Send articles to other libraries

B.K.P.-P.I. satisfies requests for articles submitted to it by other libraries in Greece. Requests are satisfied only in Libraries that have their subscriptions to the Union Catalogue of Science and Technology Journals of the Greek Science and Technology Libraries maintained by the National Documentation Centre (EKT) and comply with the prescribed procedures of the cooperative system for the distribution of articles “HERMES”. Requests submitted by natural persons or Libraries that do not participate in the above Library Network are not accepted.

Requests must relate to articles from scientific journals that demonstrate:

Articles are generally sent in electronic form using e-mail, when their length is less than 20 pages. In case the article exceeds 20 pages or there are multiple requests from the same Library, it is sent by mail.

  • do not exist in the collections of the Library sending the request and
  • are included in the collections of the B.K.P.-P.I.

Cost of providing articles

The person interested in receiving an article must pay to the Library through which he submits the request the estimated cost of photocopying and sending it. By decision of the collaborating Libraries of the “Hermes” Network, these amounts are:

Pages Send by post, courier and e-mail
1-20 2,00€
21-50 3,00€
51-100 5,00€
101-150 8,00€
151-200 10,00€
200 and over 15,00€
Standard mail 8-19€ approx. From 3 days to 2 weeks

Electronic Interlibrary Loan Application Management System

The interlibrary loan service is provided exclusively via web using an Electronic Interlibrary Loan Application Management System. Through this system, its users can submit and monitor online interlibrary loan applications. To enter the system, press

Electronic Submission and Monitoring of Interlibrary Loan Applications Articles


The “Book Interlibrary Loan Service” is housed at the Service Desk of the University of Ioannina Library, on the ground floor and operates from Monday to Friday, 8:30-14:00

Responsible for the service: Karamitsou Fotini
Tel. 26510-05003